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Vivienne Styg - Rose of Texas 12" repress

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Image of Vivienne Styg - Rose of Texas 12" repress

Reissued with updated artwork!

“Drop everything. This is a left-field minimal garage gem from the fever swamps of Houston, Texas, w/ a fantastic female singer (“Bex”) whose throaty pipes relay this sort of bored, seen-it-all world-weariness and condescension that’s absolutely disarming. You think you’ve seen it all? Try being a “Rich Man’s Commodity”, or living in a “Political Wasteland”, or attempting to engage with a trusted partner in a little “Leather Love”. No lie - I can actually hear her eyes rolling. The rest of Vivienne Styg play a stripped down, basement-level cornpone punk - the occasional burst of slide guitar & countrified drum stutter confirms some true Lone Star State blood - that also has its roots in DIY postpunk weirdness of the early 80s, as made clear in some of the blooping & bleeping connective tissue between the songs. Absolutely love it. I’m pretty sure the Styg are my favorite new rock band of the past year, and I’m going to try and patiently sit on my hands til their debut LP comes out late in 2019”. - Dynamite Hemorrhage

Limited to 100 copies